Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boring Posts for Saturday

I started my ever popular feature--Boring Posts for Saturday for two reasons. Reason one-- very few bloggers post on Saturday and that is when I have the most time to read, so I miss reading new stuff then. Reason two--I find that I write some opinionated and long winded posts that talk about things that I really believe or things that bother me and when I put them out during the week people comment around them--the day before, the day after, and I realize that most of you weren't as fascinated by my topic as I was.

So, to spare both of us, to give desperate people something to read, and to allow me to rant on about whatever it is, if I post these on Saturday and label them , perhaps you all will forgive me my rant. Ranting or discussing topics of concern to me is one of the reasons I blog. If I wanted to delight and entertain you all, I would do a completely different blog and be someone else entirely. I just don't see that happening.

But the thing is, today, I have run out of boring posts for Saturday. At one time I had them saved up several weeks ahead. I looked forward to Saturday when I could post these things. I have none waiting in the queue. Well, there are a couple I have saved as drafts and decided not to post, because I have changed my mind, but not entirely.

Still, with absolutely nothing to say, I feel I have successfully fulfilled my obligation to have a boring post for Saturday. Don't you agree?


Dandelionmom said...

Bummer--I am so sorry you don't have a boring post for Saturday because I had a boring comment all set to go.

abroadermark said...

Not boring enough. Please try again.

Mary said...

Give me a break. It is hard to be boring on Pentecost Vigil. But, I will have a whole lot to say about Pentecost in the Saturdays upcoming. So all is not lost.

Dawn said...

Can we all do Boring Posts for Saturday? I'm finding that Quick Takes don't end up being very quick for me, and I have more leisure time on Saturday than Friday to type up something like that. Then you could have something else to read!!

I can make you a logo! Would you like a logo?? It would have to be in queue (as you said somewhere around here), but I'd love to do it.

Mary said...

I would love it if you and even others did Boring (Or not so boring) posts for Saturday. I would love a logo. I'm not going anywhere. If you put something together someday I would be so thrilled. In fact I feel like I won an academy award just that you suggested it. It doesn't take much to thrill me. Thanks for the idea.