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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thoughts About Prayer

Prayer is the single easiest and the single greatest challenge in my life. I stay busy.  Don't we all?  I often drink the deepest in prayer when I can attend daily Mass and spend some quiet time before the Cross.  I like to get to Mass early to pray.  But, during the school year, which is most of the year, attendance at daily Mass isn't possible.

I read commentaries and pray with those.  When I can't attend Mass I celebrate with the whole church by praying with the readings.  I have certain morning offerings and evening prayers that I manage to throw into the mix.  But, sometimes I don't pray as I ought.

Prayer life is relationship with Jesus.  Relationship doesn't mean just talking at Him.  It means listening.  There is so much He can teach me, does teach, me when I listen. It is a lifelong challenge to grow in that.

Jesus has taught me really important things about myself and others.  He has comforted me and inspired me.  He has walked the hard road with me.  I trust Him and I love Him.  I still, even after all these years, need to listen harder.

Monday, July 18, 2011

We Are Called

This is a teaching I gave to our prayer group a while back...

As a Charismatic Catholic Prayer group we are called to come together to share the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We received these gifts at our Baptism and at our awakening in the Holy Spirit.  This means that we received those gifts we prayed for in the Pentecost Novena such as wisdom, knowledge, understanding, fear of the Lord, courage, piety, and counsel.  But, we have been called with special Charismatic gifts.  Among these gifts are tongues, prophesy, healing, and intercessory prayer. Part of our purpose as a prayer group, in fact, perhaps the chief purpose for the prayer group, is to exercise those charismatic gifts for our own good and for the good of the church and the world.

In 1 Cor 14 St Paul speaks clearly to us about the Spiritual gifts and their importance in the community.  He begins the chapter saying, "Make love your aim; but be eager, too, for spiritual gifts, and especially for prophesying."  Later Paul says, "I thank God that I speak with tongues more than any of you." In the readings from Romans chapter 8 there is a very good explanation of tongues. What we do at our charismatic prayer group is very scriptural.

We begin the prayer group in praise, worship and thanksgiving.  We need to be mindful of praising God in words and in tongues as the Holy Spirit leads us.  We also need to be respectful of silences when they occur.  It is not necessary or even beneficial to fill up silences.  Often in silence a prophesy is forming.  A prophesy is a word from the Lord.  If we don't allow silence, we don't allow for the prophesy and a chance for God to speak to us.  It is important not to rush this opening session of thanksgiving, prayer and praise.  During this time we are opening the door for the Holy Spirit.  Listen to that inner voice that may contain a word of wisdom--the voice of God. Share a prophesy if your are able.  The fruitfulness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are said to be an indication of the health and vibrancy of the prayer group.

After ample prayer and praise in words, tongues and silence, we move into song.  Song is deepening our worship and should not be viewed as a sing along, but rather as a leading of the Spirit into prayer.  It is important to listen to where the Spirit is leading in song. If the Spirit so moves us, we need also to be open to silence, prophesy or tongues between songs.

Then, we move into community sharing.  Usually we sit down.  If there is a teaching, it will be given at this time.  In much prayer, and in consultation with our leadership, we have concluded that anything we call a "teaching" here will be approved by the leadership.  We do not have a teaching each week.  But, when we don't, we have community sharing time.  This is time for everyone to share how God is working in their lives, a Scripture that had special meaning to that person, or a spiritual reading that has touched them during the week. Because we would like the chance for each person present to have an opportunity to share, we ask everyone to be mindful of length of sharing.  During community time, we lift each other up, learn from the insights of others.  As Paul puts it in 1 Cor 14:26 "When you come together each of you brings a psalm or some instruction or a revelation, or speaks in a tongue or gives an interpretation.  Let all these things be done in a way that will build up the community...."  and the chapter concludes with "So, my brothers, be eager to prophesy, and do not suppress the gift of speaking in tongues.  But make sure that everything is done in a proper and orderly fashion."

If there is time, we share the Sunday readings and discuss them.  In all of this we exemplify the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are love, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness and self-control. In all that we do at prayer group, we are faithful to the teachings of the Church.  Our prayer group is not a forum to discuss opposition to teachings of the church.  Then we stand and lift up needs of the community and our own needs. Our prayer group has in important mission.  We open the door for the Holy Spirit.  We exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We offer opportunities for others to come to know and share these gifts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sister Who?

Last spring at an event during which we prayed for the priests of our diosese, I met a nun.  I will call her Sister St. Augustine's Mother.  She was older.  She was going to have to give up driving and her job and move to a retirement community way up north--in my parish.  She was wishing she could find a prayer group up there.  I happen to lead one.  So last April I gave Sister my phone number.  And I never heard from her.  And I forgot all about it.

Saturday night I got a call from Sister St. Augustine's Mother.  She has moved.  She wants to come to prayer group.  I am picking her up tonight.  I don't know whether to be amazed or surprised or just amused at God's plan for each and every one of us.  But tonight I will meet and greet Sister who I met in April and who kept my phone number all that time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hope Echoes--Charismatic Prayer, Part VI

Read Part 1, part 2 part 3, part 4, and part 5.

This is the retelling of a talk I gave in April. I have previously given a Scriptural background to charismatic prayer, given my own witness, and described two elements of charismatic prayer that differ in some ways from traditional Catholic prayer. 

Often those observing the charismatic community who have not experienced the release or stirring up of the Holy Spirit, would imagine that the total of charismatic prayer would have only to do with the particular prayer form that is called glossolalia, a synonym for the gift of tongues.  In Romans 5:26-27 Paul says, "the Spirit too comes to the aid of our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit itself intercedes with inexpressible groaning.  And the one who searches hearts knows what is the intention of the Spirit, because it intercedes for the holy ones according to God's will."

There are two variations of glossolalia.  Praying in tongues is best described as a series of unintelligible utterances.  These utterances are defined by charismatics as the human soul crying out in joy as it encounters God.  These utterances are jubilation.  Prayer in tongues is unintelligible to all but God.  I call it my prayer language.  The second variation is called speaking in tongues.  It can be defined as prophecy, whereby, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the person speaks in a foreign language or tongue which is unknown by the speaker, but can be understood or interpreted by another member of the congregation or prayer community.

Both forms of tongues are referred to in Scripture and were practiced by the early church.  Throughout the New Testament there are references to tongues and the other gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Of all the charisms, the gift of tongues is the only one that is for the edification and personal growth of the individual.  St Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:5 "Now I should like all of you to speak in tongues."  Throughout 1 Corinthians Paul urges believers to strive for the spiritual gifts to build up the church.  The other charisms are largely for the use of the whole community of believers to build up the kingdom of God.  Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit we are drawn closer to Christ and through the charisms we are given, we draw others to salvation in Christ also.

Thus ends part 6. (Only one more part of my April talk.) Next Wednesday I finish this background on charismatic prayer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hope Echoes--Charismatic Prayer, Part V

This has become quite a series.  If you want to review part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 can be viewed by clicking on them.

What is charismatic prayer?  Charismatic prayer differs from traditional Catholic prayer in two ways.  The first way is that charismatic prayer is spontaneous.  By this I mean that charismatic prayer can take many forms.  It can be words, song, Scripture, spiritual reading, or silence.  Charismatic prayer begins with and is centered in praise and thanksgiving to God.  The very rocks and stones themselves would raise up praise to God, but we are so fortunate, so loved, so blessed to be able to praise and worship our God.

The second way that charismatic prayer differs from traditional Catholic prayer is that the prayer is seen as relationship to God.  Charismatic prayer unites the community of pray-ers forming a deep spiritual bond through the uniting face of the Holy Spirit.  Through the Holy Spirit, charismatic prayer causes one to experience Christ as real and present in one's life.  Typically a charismatic prayer community will create a bond through which the Holy Spirit manifests in the gifts or charisms.  The deep outpouring of the Spirit creates love of Scripture, spiritual readings and the desire for an ever closer relationship with God.  Through prayer, the charismatic community forms a deeper unity and bond with God.

This ends part 5.  (Some of the thoughts in this section on charismatic prayer are borrowed from Jane Guenther, of the Catholic Renewal Center for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Give credit where credit is due.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Friday evening I went to Stations of the Cross.  It is my very favorite part of Lent if that doesn't sound strange.  I love the Stations.  We do the old fashioned ones at my church.  Last year they tried only once some kind of modern version and it didn't go over well, I am guessing, because I never saw those booklets again.

Saturday morning we went to a prayer group leaders' meeting.  I think I have a bunch of very useful ideas for prayer group when we start up again in a couple of weeks.  I also have the start for my talk on charismatic prayer that I will be giving at Church on Sunday morning on the third Sunday in April. It was a fruitful morning.

Saturday afternoon I grocery shopped and then did the long walk.  I am so thankful to be able to still do it despite the fact that I haven't been very regular at it this winter and have gained back a ton of my weight.  But I am still able to haul myelf over the hill and walk the 3 mile trek.  It has been such a cold winter that there were few signs of spring to be seen.  I had my camera at the ready, but I couldn't even really get a picture of the robins I saw.

Sunday morning, Mass with my community was the summit of the week.  Or it should be.  My struggles these days have to do with a lack of unity with my church over a property dispute that is supposed to have been settled by now. The property issue has nothing to do with matters of faith, but I find myself lacking enthusiasm for the church since the "alligator" came to live by my house.  Very few people in the community are aware of the situation, very, very few.  Still, I find that I don't feel in unity with my community and I just don't know how to remedy that situation.

In the afternoon we went out to look at floors and houses.  Houses are a lot cheaper than they were a while back.  I saw some I really liked.  But, do I have a leading to move?  To a new faith community?  And what floor decision should I make for my current house?  I am leaning toward the dark floor again.  I go round and round and round.

After dropping broad hints and practically begging, I have officially been invited to Oklahoma and I intend to go this summer.  Not all of my intentions work out, but I really intend to go.  And so ABM better start practicing the REAL words to Billy Boy because she has promised to sing it for me.  And I am holding her to that.   (How do you suppose could I get Pioneer Woman to invite me to stop by the Lodge?  I think she lives in OK too.)  I can dream. I know I would like Old Woman better than Ree and I would say Ree is more famous, but I doubt that she has ever been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall.  It is a toss up on that one.  But I won't have my head turned by the talent and the fame.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Prayers

Lord of light, shine on us;
Lord of peace, dwell in us;
Lord of might, protect us;
Lord of love, enfold us;
Lord of wisdom, enlighten us.
Then, Lord, let us go out as your witnesses,
in obedience to your command;
to share the good news of your mighty love for us
in the gift of your Son,
Our Savior, Jesus Christ.
{From an eleventh century Latin hymn.}

If you have needs that you would like us to pray for, leave a comment. I will pray and I will bring your needs up during intercessions at our prayer group on Tuesday. You can just say special intention if you like.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayer--Formation Talk

I believe in the importance and power of prayer. I really do. From an early age I received a gift that I never even thought about, it was a gift of wanting to talk with God. I knew from an early age that prayer was not a one way street. If I could talk to God, then God could talk to me. I can't really explain why I "got" that. It was a gift. It was belief and desire to know God.

I was really interested in all the different ways to pray. Most of the Catholic prayers I knew were formal and memorized. Many of the prayers said by my Protestant extended family were free flowing, made up. But as I grew up I encountered Catholics who prayed that way too. I have always been drawn to persons of prayer. Prayer of all types.

I have seen miracles come about through intercessory prayer, sometimes. I have seen times when no healing occurred. But, I have always believed that God listened and loved. I have discovered that belief is different than feeling sometimes.

I have learned to love to praise and worship the Lord. Praise and worship would seem to be what we humans were made to do. David who was so beloved by God was a man of worship and praise. Praise can take you up to God. Praise and worship and thanksgiving go hand in hand.

Then there are prayers of confession, of searching one's soul. Going to God with fears and doubts and sorrow is the right place to go. I had to learn that part. I am still learning that. Somehow I missed that lesson when I was young and it is harder to learn when I am old. It is okay, it is necessary to go to God with the bad stuff.

While there is lots more I could say about prayer, I have probably gone on long enough. Instead I will consider what Jesus said. He urged people to pray like the widow who demanded justice from the unjust judge. Just keep asking. And then when talking about the perfect way to pray He taught us all the "Our Father." Our Father, who art in Heaven. Hallowed be thy name. (Can you feel the praise going on here?) Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven. (Asking for God's holy will, not our own will.) Give us this day, our daily bread. (Give us what we need, not everything we ask for, or what we feel we deserve.) And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. (Hard, hard talk there, but what we really need to do to find peace.) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. (This is what we so need from God, a way out, away from the evils of the day.) For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever and ever. Amen. (Ending with praise and worship.) This is the perfect prayer and the best one to pray or include in your prayers each day. It is a pattern for other prayers you might say. It is a pattern for living.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Renewal--My Prayer Group

***Disclaimer--The following is based on my own opinion and may contain the imperfections of my imperfect human knowledge. It is the way I see it, and what I know about it. This is editorial opinion not factual research on the subject****

You know when a thought starts with--One of the results of Vatican II..... it will be a long winding thought. Because Vatican II was a long time ago. I was little when Vatican II was going on. My First Communion was at a Mass said in Latin and kneeling at the Communion rail. Sometime after that the switches to the Mass began to occur. The Holy Spirit had been invited back into the Church and the Holy Spirit began to move. And continues to move in many ways.

One of those moves took place toward the late 1960s when at a conference a group of Catholic college students prayed collectively for a release of the Holy Spirit. The result of that came to be known as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. These were Catholics who prayed for a release of the Holy Spirit and came together in prayer groups. The way I described it for a long time was--Catholics who prayed like Protestants. I met up with this movement about the same time I met BigB. But I had encountered the Holy Spirit before that so I was ready.

Over time those prayer groups have continued. These days there does not seem to be the strong pull toward charismatic conferences and the like, in my opinion, partly because the music and lay participation in church today is greater than it ever was. This participation had been a mark of the the Charismatic Renewal. In the early days of the renewal there were some abuses by some people involved with the Renewal that turned people off--Priests who left their vocation, lay people who thought they could pick and choose Catholic practices. But truthfully, hasn't the larger church also suffered from these things? Some blame the renewal for the practices of the few and you will still hear Catholics today who speak ill of the renewal because of this history.

So what is the point to this you are probably asking? Well, I spoke of prayer group in my previous post and my prayer group is a charismatic Catholic prayer group. We meet on church property with full knowledge and agreement with our priest (although he never joins us). So I wanted to answer the question--what do we do at prayer group? First let me say that all charismatic prayer groups are not exactly the same, but you would find common threads among us.

Our prayer group is primarily that--a group that meets for prayer. We begin with an opening prayer and song. About once a month we are lucky enough to have a guitar player join us, but even if he doesn't come, we sing in praise of God. During praise and worship some members may pray aloud, usually between songs. The praise and worship lasts around 30 minutes. Then we share the ways God has moved in our lives and the ways scripture has spoken to us during the week. Usually someone will read some scripture, share something they have read, share a prayer perhaps. Sometimes we talk about our struggles and our joys. We usually read the readings for the coming Sunday and discuss them. Then we pray for needs, say the Lord's Prayer and close with a song.

One might say that prayer group is boring. We meet every week and do the same things over and over. The songs, scriptures and events in our lives change. The Holy Spirit leads us in different directions sometimes and we are open to that. Since what we do isn't "liturgy" we have been known to change if something comes up, but for our group this schedule seems to work. We start at 7:30 and usually finish by 9:15.

I have probably gone on too long about all of this. But I wanted to explain myself, this part of myself. Prayer group is essential to who I am and how I am called by God to live. While I am not a wise, all-knowing example of holiness, I have grown, I am growing in the Lord. Prayer group is an important part of that for me. It is a longing in my heart. It is a longing fulfilled.

But don't take my word for it. Read here and here . (And ironically, tonight prayer group is cancelled due to the weather!)


Tonight I have prayer group. The prayer group is my small faith community. The prayer group helps draw me closer to God. Beyond marriage and parenting, prayer gorup is my most important and intimate relationship. I can most truly be myself with my brothers and sisters at the prayer group.

For a long time I could not understand how or why everyone wouldn't need or want to be part of a prayer group. I have now accepted that not everyone will be join me in this. Despite my attempts to invite and invite and invite people, many of my friends express no desire to join me in this journey.

The Holy Spirit is leading me on this walk and I can only trust my own path. We are all headed toward the same place. I don't know how I could find my way without my prayer group to share my joys and hopes and fears and to teach me to love and to forgive and to trust God. Tonight I have prayer group.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Road to Emmaus

The disciples recognized Christ, the Risen Lord, on the road to Emmaus. Their eyes were opened with the breaking of the bread. I lectored today, so I pondered these readings perhaps more closely than on a usual Sunday. I pondered my recognition of Christ. Did I see and believe in the Lord this week? When did I find myself walking with God?

It is human condition to recognize Christ when I am low and sore afraid, when times are tough and I am rescued. It is the adopted child of God in me to recognize the saving, the helping, the loving I receive. So, I saw Christ in the doctor who diagnosed the shingles and gave me the right medications and was funny and sympathetic at the same time. I felt the touch of Christ in Jayne, whose own mother is dying, but who took time to pray over me for healing. I heard the love and sound of Christ's voice in the librarian friend who worked hard to make sure that my library fort was held down while I was out for a whole week. There were even more people than this who helped me, loved me, and encouraged me this week. I was blessed.

But, surely Christ is present beyond the receiving of help and love? When I help someone, I help Christ also. I do what Christ calls me to do. I saw Christ in the couple we took Eucharist to today. I tried to be Chrsit for the wife who is scared and sad. I shopped for BigB's birthday, a small sign of love. I lectored today, a way to reveal Christ to others. Since I was home and sick most of the week, I can't say that I was the best giver of Christ's love this week.

I also encountered Christ in the everyday things I did. I encountered Christ in scripture, I read. Tuesday night at prayer group I looked in the faces of my sisters and brothers in Christ. At mass, in prayer, and in my meditations, I encountered Christ.

Christ is there, always for me to find, to recognize. How often am I blind to Him like the apostles on the road to Emmaus? May I work harder to keep my eyes open and dedicate my life to His service. Amen

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wanted--Prayer Partner/s

Have you ever had a prayer partner? Most of my life I have had prayer partners. These days my husband is my chief prayer partner and that is a good thing. But yesterday I was feeling out of sorts and trying to identify what was wrong with my life and it seemed that the sore place in my life was the lack of a woman prayer partner or two.

My first prayer partners were Methodist women when I was a young single girl. As a part of our time together we would usually join hands and pray. Typically we would praise the Lord, then pray for needs and then thank the Lord. Methodists are great spontaneous pray-ers and if you want to know how to do that, pray with a good Methodist. I highly recommend it.

The kinds of women who have been my prayer partners have been women that I could trust with my confidences, women who wouldn't judge me in my weakness or my need. The chief qualification for a prayer partner is to have a deep abiding faith in the the Lord's mercy, goodness and love. These women prayer partners of mine were sweet perfume in my life. They were solace for the human condition. They built me up, and lifted me up from the pit of despair. I hope that I did the same for them as well.

I was having one of those kinds of days yesterday when a prayer partner was exactly what I needed. The feeling passed and I am feeling fine today. As I was going about my day today it came to me why I miss a prayer partner so badly right now. It is that with this Life In the Spirit Seminar going on, I haven't had my usual prayer time with the prayer group and I miss them. My Tuesday group has served as my prayer partner time. I am still in need of a woman prayer partner though. I wonder if one places an advertisement in the Bulletin for a prayer partner? Or two?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Fire of the Spirit

Our prayer group is called "The Fire of the Spirit." I picked it. Rather undemocratically I might add. If something hadn't been picked quickly we were going to be "The Charismatic Prayer Group" in the parish directory a couple of years ago. Not that there is anything wrong with the label "charismatic," but it is so undescriptive of who we are and why we meet. So I threw in the name Fire of the Spirit and told everybody that if we didn't like it, we could change it next year. That was a couple of years ago. I haven't brought up the changing it part again.

We have become the fire of the spirit, The Fire of the Spirit and it suits us, I think. Even though none of us are young, jump up and down fired up kids that you might picture, we are fire. Several of the favorite songs we sing are about fire including Let the Fire Fall. BigB had a calling involving fire when he went on his first retreat. Fire themes seem to recur within the group.

There were other names we could have chosen that were really good including The Light of Christ and A Light for the World. On a cold night in the Annex where we meet a good argument for Fr. Corbett's favorite line "God's Frozen Chosen" could have been made. We have remained The Fire of the Spirit.

The biggest reason why this name suits us comes from that prayer that is prayed so often in the Renewal--'Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your people and enkindle in them the fire of Your love.' What is this Fire of God's love? It is the workings, leadings, callings of the Holy Spirit. Although we are not young, jump up and down charismatics. Although many of us have tendencies to be rather shy and quiet people. Although sometimes we draw only our usual small group and we lack a strong central leading figure to draw others in. One thing that the Fire of the Spirit Prayer Group has in abundance is love. We are love to each other and to all those who come to us. We love. This side of Heaven it doesn't get any better than this. Amen

Saturday, February 2, 2008

His Mighty Works

Job 37:5-6 "He does great things beyond our knowing; wonders past our searching out. For He says to the snow, "Fall to earth."

This is my snowy street yesterday. For northern Illinois, this wouldn't have been notable, but for St. Louis, this was a snow! The chapter in Job goes on to talk about how God stops all man's activities through events like the snow. He shakes us up and calls attention to His power and might.
I think of that, as we plan for and start the Life in the Spirit Seminar on Tuesday. It is beyond our ability to control. We just need to faithfully serve and do our best. Things will go wrong. Things will go right. We can but call upon the Lord. Because after all, He does great things beyond our knowing. Amen

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talk to the Youth Prayer Group

Thank you for this opportunity to join you tonight. I have to say that I just love prayer groups and I can't think of anywhere I would rather be tonight. I was here in this very room praying with my prayer group last night. When I was a lot younger than I am now, and just a little older than you are, I went to a Wednesday night prayer group. In fact, it was at that prayer group that I met my husband. So, I believe that you are in the right place tonight.

The Christian writer Paula D'Arcy maintains that most people spend the first half of their lives running away from God and second half of their lives running toward God. I can see two obvious problems with that plan. One is that you don't know when the halfway point is reached, as in you do not know the day or the hour... The other problem is that you waste a lot of your life and it may not be as easy to change your direction and run to the Lord. I am encouraging you to keep running toward God, just like you are now.

After Tim and I met at the prayer group and got married, we stopped going to prayer groups. I have to say looking back, that our faith life suffered from that. We weren't really running toward God or away from Him. We were running in place, or on a treadmill, as it were. We were good ordinary Catholics. We went to mass, taught PSR, worked the bingo and raised our son in the faith, but we really didn't grow much in the Lord during those years.

When St L--- joined with our parish, their prayer group came over here. Tim and I joined the prayer group and I'm here to tell you that it made all the difference in our lives, not just our faith lives. Belonging to the prayer group has led us far in our relationship with the Lord. I have come to know the Lord better, I have learned to praise Him with all of my soul, and I have returned to the pratice of reading the Bible, just like I used to do. I will no doubt be going to a weekly prayer group for the rest of my life. Christ is at the center of our marriage once again. I have learned so much from being in weekly contact with others who are working to know the Lord better. It is great to be running the same direction with other people.

I am here to invite you to come to our Life in the Spirit Seminar. So many times as a parish we do separate things for the adults and the youth, but we decided to plan our seminar to include youth. Now we invite you to come. (details given) Discuss it with your parents. We look forward to seeing you there.

(This was the talk I gave at the youth prayer group of our parish this evening.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer Group Tonight

Tonight is prayer group. I can't say how much I missed it since we were doing "the big event" last week. I hope that you have a prayer group to go to. Amen

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tuesday Nights at the Prayer Group

My husband and I lead a prayer group on Tuesday nights. It is a Catholic prayer group. It is a Spirit-filled prayer group. It is a Charismatic Catholic prayer group. It has become the central calling of our lives.

I am so blessed by the prayer group that when someone thanks me for all the "work I do" to keep the prayer group going I find I am a little shocked. My husband is the "leader" and I am whatever I am, but there is only joy involved in the prayer group.

When I say we lead the prayer group, I mean that we set up the room, we pray daily, we invite people and keep the motion going. But, many of the prayer group members are farther along in their walk with the Lord. They are our community, our accountability, our support, our teachers.

So I go to prayer group on Tuesday nights. If you have never tried a prayer group, I would recommend one. Spirit-filled is best, because the others seem to come and go, but we just keep on going. Amen